Who we are and what we do!

Plain Sight is a collaboration of performers, directors, writers and other creatives in the performance industry.

Founded in 2012 by director Amy Gunn and choreographer/producer Caecilie Hougaard Pedersen we produce adventurous and original theatre for all ages.

Our work is based on a passion for producing exciting theatre that will challenge the audience as well as those performing it. We explore unconventional approaches to directing, staging and locations as well as the use of multiple art forms to deliver both new and traditional stories.

We want to encourage those experiencing our work, to sometimes re-evaluate their perceptions of theatrical performance. We want to take risks and surprise people, even traditional theatergoers, by creating work that challenges the audience / performer relationship, intergrade the audience and  transform known, everyday environments into colourful and entertaining fairylands.

Plain Sight is a spontaneous and dynamic company which is constantly developing and growing.